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Pogathe Pogathe Song Lyrics | Hinglish | Tamil

Pogathe Pogathe Song Lyrics | Hinglish | Tamil 

Singer Yuvan Shankar Raja
Music Pogathe Pogathe
Song Writer Na. Muthukumar


Pogaathey Pogaathey Nee

Irunthaal Naan Iruppaen
Pogaathey Pogaathey Nee
Pirinthaal Naan Irappaen
Unnodu Vaazhntha Kaalangal
Yaavum Kanavaai Ennai Mooduthadi
Yaar Endru Neeyum Ennai
Paarkumbothu Uyirae Uyir Poguthadi
Kallaraiyil Kooda Jannal Onru Vaithu
Unthan Mugam Paarpenadi

Pogaathey Pogaathey Nee

Irunthaal Naan Iruppaen
Pogaathey Pogaathey Nee
Pirinthaal Naan Irappaen

Kalainthalum Megam Athu Meendum Mithakum

Athu Pola Thane Unthan Kaathal Enakum
Nadai Paathai Vilakka Kaathal
Vidinthavudan Anaippatharkku
Nerupaalum Mudiyathamma
Ninaivugalai Azhipatharku
Unnakaga Kathirpen O..
Uyirodu Parthirupean O..

Pogaathey Pogaathey Nee

Irunthaal Naan Iruppaen
Pogaathey Pogaathey Nee
Pirinthaal Naan Irappaen

Azhagana Neram Athai Neethan Koduthai

Azhiyaatha Sogam Athaiyum
Nee Than Køduthai
Kan Thøøngum Neram Parthu
Kadavul Vanthu Pønathu Pøl

Èn Valzhvil Vanthaey Pønnai
Aeamatram Thangalaiyae
Penne Nee Illamal...
Bøøløgam Irutudithae...

Pøgaathey Pøgaathey Nee

Irunthaal Naan Iruppaen
Pogaathey Pogaathey Nee
Pirinthaal Naan Irappaen

Pogathe Pogathe In Tamil

போகாதே போகாதே நீ இருந்தால் நான் இருப்பேன்
போகாதே போகாதே நீ பிரிந்தால் நான் இறப்பேன்
உன்னோட வாழ்ந்த காலங்கள் யாவும் கனவாய் என்னை மூடுதடி
யார் என்று நீயும் என்னை பார்க்கும் போது உயிரே உயிர் போகுதடி
கல்லறையில் கூட ஜன்னல் ஒன்று வைத்து உந்தன் முகம் பார்ப்பேனடி

போகாதே போகாதே நீ இருந்தால் நான் இருப்பேன்
போகாதே போகாதே நீ பிரிந்தால் நான் இறப்பேன்

கலைந்தாலும் மேகம் அது மீண்டும் மிதக்கும்
அது போல தானே உந்தன் காதல் எனக்கும்
நடை பாதை விளக்கா காதல் விடிந்தவுடன் அணைப்பதுக்கு
நெருப்பாலும் முடியாதம்மா நினைவுகளை அழிப்பதுக்கு
உனக்காக காத்திருப்பேன் ஓ
உயிரோடு பார்த்திருப்பேன் ஓ

போகாதே போகாதே நீ இருந்தால் நான் இருப்பேன்
போகாதே போகாதே நீ பிரிந்தால் நான் இறப்பேன்

அழகான நேரம் அதை நீதான் கொடுத்தாய்
அழியாத சோகம் அதையும் நீதான் கொடுத்தாய்
கண் தூங்கும் நேரம் பார்த்து கடவுள் வந்து போனது போல்
என் வாழ்வில் வந்தாய் ஆனால் ஏமாற்றம் தாங்கலையே
பெண்ணே நீ இல்லாமல்
பூலோகம் இருட்டிடுதே

போகாதே போகாதே நீ இருந்தால் நான் இருப்பேன்
போகாதே போகாதே நீ பிரிந்தால் நான் இறப்பேன்


Deepavali (2007 film) ( cr- Wikipedia)

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Deepavali poster.jpg
Directed byEzhil
Produced byN. Linguswamy
N. Subash Chandrabose
Written byS. Ezhil
Shankar Dayal (dialogues)
StarringJayam Ravi
Cochin Haneefa
Music byYuvan Shankar Raja
CinematographyS.D. Vijay Milton
Edited byG. Sasikumar
Release date
  • 9 February 2007

Deepavali (English: Diwali) is a 2007 Indian Tamil-language action romance film written and directed by Ezhil and produced by Thirupathi Brothers, the Tamil film production company owned by brothers N. Subash Chandrabose and noted director, N. Lingusamy and was founded in 2006. Starring Jayam Ravi and Bhavana in lead and RaghuvaranLal, and Vijayakumar in supporting roles.[1] The shooting of the film finished in December 2006, with shooting locations were canned in India and in Oman, for the picturization of a song. The film released worldwide on 9 February 2007 and was considered as a successful movie with its unique entertaining features.[2][3]

Deepavali has been remade into Oriya in 2010 as Dil Tate Deichi and in Bengali in 2013 as Deewana. It was also dubbed into Hindi as Billu Bachchan: Ek Diljala (2010) and in Telugu as Paga.


Billu (Jayam Ravi) is the son of Mudaliar (Vijayakumar). Mudaliar is much loved and respected by the people of his locality, and Billu is almost like a foster son to every person in the locality.

Billu takes an instant liking for Susi (Bhavana) the moment he sets his eyes on her at the railway station. Susi, who has arrived from Bangalore to Chennai, is all set to stay at Settu's (Cochin Haneefa) place. Settu, who has worked for Susi's father Chidambaram (லால்), a dreaded thug, earlier, has changed ways, but retains his respect towards him nevertheless. Susi, who has been craving for love and concern since young, gets impressed with the bonding that the Royapuram residents share. When a Godman predicts Susi is the one for Billu, and she is taken aback. She dreads her father to a great extent and fears that things will go topsy-turvy if their relationship blossoms into love. But soon, she realizes she cannot camouflage her feelings towards Billu and enjoys being in the company of Billu and his friends, when the unexpected occurs.

Susi acts peculiar when a long-lost friend meets her at a restaurant. She denies knowing her, despite her friend Revathi's (மின்னால்)attempts to talk to her. Feeling insulted, Revathi walks away, much to the dismay and confusion of Billu and his friends. Susi, who gets emotionally high-strung, leaves the restaurant in a jiffy too. Susi, at this juncture, comes out with the truth to Billu. Affected with PTSD after an accident, Susi has forgotten events that happened in a span of three years. Billu, who takes her to the doctor Devasaghayam (ராகுவாரன்)), learns that this condition can be cured, but when she does get cured, Susi will not be in a position to remember whatever happened and whoever she met at Chennai - Billu included.

This disheartens Susi to a major extent, and she persuades Billu to promise her that he would never leave her, even if she were to forget him due to her condition. Billu promises her that he would never leave her, come whatever may. Billu's conversation with Chidambaram infuriates the latter, and he immediately arrives in Chennai with his goons. When he is all set to leave for Bangalore with his daughter, the residents rise to the occasion and flock against Chidambaram. Deciding to play it safe, Chidambaram agrees to the engagement between Billu and Susi, and cunningly, thrashes Billu after making him arrive at a place far from his locality, at the outskirts. The helpless Susi travels along with her father, escorted by his men, to Bangalore.

When Billu meets Susi at her residence, he gets nothing less than shocked as she has been cured, and she fails to recognize him. But Billu, who had given the word to his beloved that he would never leave her, is not the one to relent. How he tries relentlessly to convince her and what happens with Susi forms the rest of the story.



Soundtrack album by 
Released5 January 2007
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelHit Musics
Ayngaran Music
An Ak Audio
Eros Music
ProducerYuvan Shankar Raja
Yuvan Shankar Raja chronology
Chennai 600028

The music of Deepavali was scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja, who got to work together with director S. Ezhil for the first time. The soundtrack was released on 5 January 2007,[4] which features 5 tracks with lyrics written by Na. MuthukumarYugabharathi and Kabilan. The album was a major success as the songs got immensely popular upon release, particularly the songs "Pogadhey" and "Kadhal Vaithu".

TrackSongSinger(s)Duration (min:sec)LyricistNotes
1"Dhol Bhaje"KKShweta Mohan4:26Na. Muthukumar
2"Kadhal Vaithu"Vijay Yesudas5:08Na. Muthukumar
3"Kannan Varum Velai"Anuradha SriramMadhushree3:54Yugabharathi
4"Pogadhey Pogadhey"Yuvan Shankar Raja5:30Na. Muthukumar
5"Thoduven"Maya, Haricharan, Raju Krishnamoorthy5:47Kabilan

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